Photography is an Artist's Medium

The medium is a channel that conveys meaning.
The medium borrows material form for non-material thoughts and ideas.
The medium uses its body to materialise the immaterial.
The medium uses its technique to reveal a poem about the world, or
A thought about the unconscious: perhaps to freeze a moment of the here and now.

Some artists use photography as subject, exploring concepts and ideas
Of the photographic.
Their statements are on photography,
With a capital "P".
This "Photography" with capital "P" is increasingly being reflected upon.

Due to the progressive use, overuse and misuse of photography,
We have become aware of the need to understand and explore
The medium's powers, limitations and possibilities.
Photography is a fairly new carrier,
A vibrant subject for study and for prophesy.

Both time and timelessness are conundrums of the medium:
Photography freezes time, but it rarely regards the liquid and fleeting present.

We visit tarot cards when we wonder about the future.
We visit photographs when we wonder about the past.

This "that has been" is one of photography's implied promises.
Welcome to "that has, maybe never, been".

In this section: Laura Aubrée, Julian Benjamin, Anne Clements, Malcy Delacour, Ana Escobar, Ana María Guerra, Ko Hwang, Chenyu Hu, Marta Wlusek and Cho-Wing ask you to join them in grappling with the medium of photography.

They ponder themes of truth, humanhood, reproducibility, plausible fictions, future pasts, poetic licenses, technical il-limitations and interdimensional and intersectional paradigms in order to unravel the medium.

They invite you to enjoy their explorations, to pause and to reflect on what mediation is about.