Dear MAP16, Well done! You have finished a remarkable show of diverse, multi-layered exhibits.

Working your way through your projects, finding your own answers. How a project becomes part of a practice. What thinking-by-doing means. How process and experimentation find spatial solutions. How editing makes the work. How a body of work gains agency. What voice it adopts. What kind of artist you want to be. And how to continue your being-in-photography.

We enjoyed your visual thoughts meandering collectively and collaboratively, moving forward independently and individually. Your projects speak of these different journeys in time and space, and of the expanded materialities and possibilities of contemporary photography, still and moving, in installation and as object, as sound, light, experiment, writing and performance, in books and collections, online and on the wall.  

Your exhibition, MAP16, is the eighteenth LCC MA Photography final show. Now, welcome to our wider MAP alumni network that we hope you will bring your thoughts and next works to. MAP16 also includes the first graduating year of our new 4-term MA Photography, on show at 47-49 Tanner Street near London Bridge from 30 November to 6 December.

Self, Society, Medium. You chose these three terms to introduce and contextualize shared interests in your year group. Usually the descriptive attribute to a noun, the adjective threefold in your catalogue title refers to something comprising three parts: (A) threefold (noun). May it indicate ‘three times as great or as many’ of a placeholder of your choice. Did we say: You are the future of photography?

It’s been a pleasure working with you all – do keep in touch!

—Dr Wiebke Leister
Course Leader, LCC MA Photography